We’ve all heard the occasional misguided and humorous misperceptions of a golfer before he experiences the unique characteristics of Simbithi’s Executive Course.

Chat to him after his round and it’s almost guaranteed that he will have favourably changed his views.

Since Simbithi is exclusively the ONLY Executive Course in South Africa, we might graciously forgive misunderstandings that the uninitiated might harbour.

Let’s clearly understand what defines an Executive Course

  • Quite simply, it’s a scaled-down version of a regular 18 hole course.
  • It includes all the hazards and challenges that a typical regular course might feature.
  • It’s shorter than a regular course with a lot more par 3’s, some par 4’s and probably a par 5. So it’s not to be confused with a par 3 course.
  • The quality of the greens, fairways and tee boxes on an Executive Course is kept in the same immaculate condition as the top regular courses.
  • It regularly hosts regional and national competitions.
  • It offers a perfect balance between a short par 3 course and a longer regular course which takes much longer to play.
  • It is a fully recognised course by the golfing authorities and publications. It is not a ‘practice’ or ‘mashie’ course.
  • It is subject to all the latest R&A golf rules (as applied by GolfRSA)
  • It gets its name by being suitable for business people and those who are short on time, but who would like to get a ‘quick’ round in.

Let’s look at the playing benefits of an Executive Course

  • The total time on the course is concentrated on and around the greens where point scoring skills can be honed. This means more of your golf time on the course is spent:-
    o Improving your tee shot accuracy
    o Perfecting your carry distance skill (rather than the total distance)
    o Mastering your approach game
    o Improving your putting on immaculate greens

And our Simbithi Executive Course is also good for

  • Junior golfers, seniors and ladies (as well as skilled, low handicap players)
  • Players who want to improve in the shortest possible time
  • Holidaymakers who want to play, but still keep plenty of family time for their holiday
  • Golfers who like to reserve time for the camaraderie of after-golf socializing.
  • Golfers who are short on energy or fitness or are recuperating from medical conditions.
  • People who want to play alone to build their golfing confidence.

To summarise

Simbithi’s Executive course provides a unique blend of a superb golf course that is playable in a shorter time and is perfect for honing the most important skills of the game. Its layout suits all skill levels and is perfectly suitable for beginner junior golfers due to the presence of forward Tee boxes on every hole, beyond the usual slope rated holes.

And the course is perfectly complimented by magnificent ‘al-fresco’ socialising facilities for ice-cold refreshments, after-golf post-mortems and an unparallelled casual atmosphere on which friendships are built.

Members – Feel free to forward this de-mistifying article to your out-of-town and upcountry friends who might want to experience a round at the only executive course in the country when next they visit us. (Bookings at the Proshop on 032 946 5407)


COMPILED BY: Simbithi Golf

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