Well, then.

That escalated quickly.

Feels like just the other day I was listening to Thriller and writing my Ed’s note for the December edition. Here I am, again, in a whole new year – a whole new decade – writing another Ed’s note. (No MJ this time, though!)

In case you were wondering, I’m on my third attempt. I kept doing the “new year; new you” thing and it sounded sickeningly contrived…so I kept deleting and starting over. On this, attempt number three, I let my thoughts wander a bit, and my eyes skip to the photo of my husband and I on my desk. Of course, I smile like a lovestruck teenager – the sight of him does that to me (four years married, and I’m still mildly obsessed with Mr. Chetty).

My thoughts take a stroll to a few hours ago, when he and I were chatting just after we had woken up. In the midst of the usual grumbles about getting up for work (we can’t be the only ones whose bed refuses us to let us go in the mornings) one of us groused how hot it was, so we switched the air-conditioner on. For some reason, it made me remark that we’re really blessed to have an air-con. And, much to my husband’s curiosity…I kept going.



Gym memberships.

Medical aid.

Two vehicles.

All these things seemed like luxuries a few years ago, but they’re things we now just accept we need. And, things we – like most of you reading this – are blessed enough to be able to afford.

It goes deeper than that, though.

My eyes drift from the photo of my husband and I to the photo of my father carrying a one-year-old me and I start listing the people I’m grateful for that money can’t buy.

A husband who deals with my moods that are wild enough to give him whiplash, and treats me like an absolute queen.

A sister who texts me randomly with inside jokes that make me laugh at inappropriate times.

A brother whose hulking presence makes sure nobody messes with his sister in the gym.

Parents – two sets – who live minutes away from us and offer to do our washing when we get too busy (thanks, Momma and Mum-In-Love!).

One of my dearest friends had this on her WhatsApp status the other day: ‘Gratitude is my new attitude’. If you’re going to make any resolutions this year, let that be the first.

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