Over the weekend the Men’s Knock out competition was played by our top scoring members in all A, B and C divisions. Friday and Saturday hosted our weekly competition following the top eight knockout.

Knockout results:

A Division:

1st: Kenny Graney

2nd: Gregory Smith

B Division:

1st: Jason Dold

2nd: Guy Hellens

C Division:

1st: Nandha Mudley

2nd: Santon Naidoo

Friday IPS Results:

1st: Chippy Wood

2nd: Louie de Colbert

3rd: Johannes Davel

Saturday IPS Results:

1st: Bruce Armstrong

2nd: Leon Ackerman

3rd: Kurt Backerberg

This Tuesday we had our annual senior age champion’s competition. The weather was pristine for a long 36-hhole day. All the ladies were out on the course soaking up the sun and playing amazing golf!

Best round 1: Irene Haslam

Best round 2: Janet Pearse and counted out Stephane Carter

Super senior champion 65+: Irene Haslam

Senior runner up: Lindi Grant and counted out Irene Haslam

The WINNER of the day and Senior Champion: Noelene Morrison.

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