What a sweet morning!

We got started on our Mandela Day project, bright and early, on the deck of our Country Club. Our kitchen brought out the first batch of 100, freshly baked cupcakes and a vat of icing; with everyone’s favourite hundreds and thousands.

And, so it continued for the next three hours: three hundred golden cupcakes were decorated by members of Team Simbithi, and a few of our residents. Some of our tiniest residents sprouted the loveliest trivia about our beloved President Nelson Mandela on what would have been his 101st birthday.

It was truly a pleasure to give our 67 minutes, in honour of the 67 years Tata fought for our freedom, and human rights. The cupcakes were sold in batches of six, for R30 each. We are proud to announce that we sold out every last cupcake by 11am this morning.

Thank you to our residents and members for your support!

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