A makeover is as good as a holiday, it’s been said. Well, two of the busiest spaces in Simbithi (neither of which could really go on “holiday”) recently had the next best thing: a makeover, each. Let’s take a tour of our newly renovated Welcome Centre and Drop Zone Bar.

The Welcome Centre

The heartbeat of our HOA, the Welcome Centre is the central point for enquiries and guests of Simbithi. It is also, often, the first space the newest members of the Simbithi family see when they arrive for orientation.

“The Welcome Centre was constructed more than a decade ago and was starting to look a bit tired,” Technical Manager, Nicky Misra, who headed up the project, explains. “We decided to re-evaluate the design, making a few amendments to brighten up the space and allow for a more seamless welcoming experience. There are several important HOA functions that take place in the Welcome Centre and we wanted to ensure the new space catered for that.”

The team began by breaking down the entrance wall and installing a glass sliding door, instantly introducing streams of natural light. The old reception desk was replaced by a custom-made, larger desk with a Kiaat-cladded counter. The new desk was moved across the Centre, to allow our team more space to interact with residents.

Ashley Maclachlan, director of Urban Create Design Interiors, was the creative brains behind the new look and feel. “We wanted the space to feel lighter and fresher. The use of natural materials, like leather, wicker and stone created an earthy feel that blends well with Simbithi’s brand.” The stunning wallpaper completes the space brilliantly. “We consulted with the environmental department to ensure the greenery that appears on the wallpaper is indigenous. It’s a lovely touch.”

The adjacent access office was also renovated, creating a more efficient experience for contractors.

The Drop Zone Bar

If the Welcome Centre is the heartbeat of the HOA, the same could certainly be said for this beloved corner of the Country Club. With the Club’s membership base increasing, the DZB’s design was revamped to improve efficiency of service. The bar’s new design and layout allows patrons the space to order from the counter…and, stay for a chat, if they like!

Here, again, Ashley’s design ethos focused on “lightening and brightening”. “We also wanted to modernise the space, while keeping the Simbithi look and feel,” she says. Aligning with the Estate’s eco ethos, Ashley re-used wood from the old bar for the new bulkheads. The new bar’s light wood is sleek and trendy, creating an airy, open space for members to enjoy.

This is, of course, a precursor to the highly anticipated deck revamp commencing in March, which Ashley is excited to get working on. “New, lighter furniture will create a better flow for the outdoor service area, all leading to a more welcoming, enjoyable experience at the Club.”

Have you seen the new spaces? Let us know what you think!