…Simbithi seems to whisper, “we love you”! And, that we are proud of you and thankful for you, indeed. Our annual Night of the Stars was a moment to appreciate and honour our long-serving employees of SEEHOA and the Country Club.

Every year, the Board of Directors and management gathers to pay tribute to the staff who have served the HOA and Country Club for five, 10 and 15 years. As SEEHOA vice chairperson Clive Mc Creadie eloquently stated in his opening address, it is a chance to “publicly thank [our] staff for the many years of service that [they] have devoted to Simbithi.”

“Such loyalty and dedication is something special in this day and age. In an age where job hopping is fashionable, the continual search for better opportunities and new experiences means that staff seldom stay longer than a few years,” he said. “So, in a sense, this group represents a rare breed of employee. During your service, you may have considered other attractive job offers but decided to remain at Simbithi. I believe that this is a reflection on the level of job satisfaction you must have felt.” Commending the staff’s irreplaceable institutional knowledge, he implored awardees to use their expertise to mentor newer staff members so they, too, may make similar contributions to Simbithi. “On behalf of management and the board, we salute you for being loyal employees of Simbithi.”

SEEHOA General Manager, Marc Mc Clure, expressed his appreciation to his team, who he has been leading through a journey to encourage happiness personally, and at the office. “Our Board’s strategy to be widely regarded as the pre-eminent eco-estate in Southern Africa requires each of us to be excellent at what we do. One of our strategic initiatives, management excellence, deals directly with this point,” he reminded awardees. “Remember that every single one of you contributes daily to our success. There are no small contributions, only small-minded people who don’t recognise the important of each of us. Let our passion for Simbithi be infectious, turning our toughest critics into our strongest supporters.”

Thanking his team, SCC General Manager, Craig Nell, applauded their sense of duty. “No matter what you do, the hard work and dedication you put into Simbithi is deeply appreciated. Today, we have a chance to publicly say well done. We have all become a family, and it’s something to be proud of,” he mentioned. “I hope you continue to grow with Simbithi, especially considering how tough the hospitality industry can be. Well done, and congratulations.”

2022/3 Long Service Awardees

Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association

15 Years’ Service

Marty Govender

Five Years’ Service

Silindile Ngcobo

Jodi Chetty

Marc Mc Clure

Ranee Naidoo

Gary McKenzie

Simbithi Country Club

10 Years’ Service

Busiswa (Brenda) Noxaka

Mary Naidoo

Five Years’ Service

Anam Fodo

Melissa Shezi

Silindile Duma

Jennet Mthethwa

Sandile Nene

Nkosiyedwa (Goodwill) Nzuza

Freddy Makhathini

Portia Nxumalo