Simbithi Eco-Estate: Mandela Day 2021

At Simbithi, we are passionate about Community Social Investment (CSI) and support our surrounding communities as often as we can. Mandela Day, however, gives us a chance to do something extra special! This year, we have partnered with a great initiative called Clothes to Good (CTG) , an organization that recycles pre-loved and new clothing, […]

We’re All Mad Here…

On Thursday, 25 March 2021 the Pavilion Room was momentarily transformed into a maze of colour, rainbows and teapots for a Mad Hatters’ Tea Party. The occasion: the fun-filled celebration marking the conclusion of the Partners for Possibility North Coast Circle 4. Simbithi is a proud anchor partner to PfP, having hosted North Coast Circles 1 to […]

It’s Only Just Beginning

Nelson Mandela, our beloved former president once said: ‘education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’. It’s a rather lofty idea, isn’t it? Changing the world. One would be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the thought. How could a single person meaningfully affect the thousands of schools in our country, […]

Giving Back

Through the kindness of our Simbithi community, the Estate’s corporate social investment (CSI) committee has assisted hundreds of grateful individuals from our neighbouring Shakashead. Here is a breakdown of our 2020 drops: April: 60May: 240July: 120December: 62 Thank you to each of you who opened your hearts generously during this tough period. There is an […]