Location: Simbithi Country Club

Community engagements regarding the proposed SCC deck upgrade commence on Tuesday, 4 May, 2021. Engagements will take place at the Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 16:00 and 19:00.
Here is a brief summary of the proposed upgrade:

  1. Our Club is one of the ‘signature’ features of Simbithi and hence should be of appropriate design and condition to continue this role. 
  2. The upgrade is part of the concept masterplan for the Club at ERF 1144 (piece of land on Sagila Lane, just before Jacana entrance), presently in development. However, the deck  has deteriorated significantly and could pose a health and safety risk in the near future. The tent, which was intended as a temporary solution, also must be replaced. The Board feels it prudent to proceed with the project as a permanent solution, rather than spend on a temporary solution which will eventually require a further upgrade.
  3. The upgrade will increase the deck’s seating capacity from 240 to 350.
  4. The proposed new layout would provide for a ‘divide’ between the Drop Zone Bar and Fig Tree Restaurant area, allowing golfers to host prize giving and larger golf days in their own ‘space’.
  5. The decision to proceed now, while the Club is slowly regaining patronage and recovering after the COVID-19 closures, was carefully considered. There would have to be a period during which the Club would close or be partially closed. This would apply whether we adopted a temporary or permanent solution.   
  6. We have seen a marked increase in turnover and patronage, which are due to the hard work put in by Craig Nell and his team. The project would serve to enhance the experience at the Club and allow us to increase revenue even further.
  7. Various proposals are being considered for the development of ERF 1144, including a multi-sport facility. A comprehensive proposal will be brought before the community in due course.
  8. The proposed new seating arrangements include a subtle multi-level approach to give the feel of different ‘zones’. This will incorporate dropped, built-in seating zones in front of the Fig Tree, looking out over the golf course.

For more info: clubgm@simbithi.com