How healthy are you?                                                                                       

Although many do not visit their general practitioners routinely and commonly only when you are feeling unwell, there is evidence to suggest routine health screening has some benefits. Globally, health screening is encouraged throughout the ages, to not only achieve early detection and expanding treatment options, but to potentially identify and treat its precursors. Most think that screening is for only identifying cancers but there are many age-related changes such as visual, hormonal, mental that are normal/abnormal changes, that if you were AWARE of these changes you would be able to adjust your life accordingly. Let’s get informed.

Join us for the launch of Simbithi Wellness: an initiative to care for our community, in the Pavilion Room.

Catharine Steer is a registered nurse (Canadian educated) with a masters in infectious disease (UofEdinburgh) has been teaching for over 25 years in wound care, infectious disease and general physiology.