Right of admission reserved.

The Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association, Simbithi Country Club and Simbithi Commercial Zone Management Association and its agents shall not be held liable for any injury to any person/s, damage to, or loss of property, which may occur while on their property, however so caused.


By accepting this security access pin, I hereby give consent to Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association, Country Club and Commercial Zone Management Association security personnel to randomly search myself or persons who I bring onto the premises, as a condition of entry to and exit from the premises. Such rights shall extend to both persons and property including, but not limited to, handbags, luggage, vehicles, and the like.

Conditions of Entry and Exit

  • Security officers may randomly search any person, vehicle, item or luggage.
  • Visitors and service providers must adhere to all the rules of Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association, Simbithi Country Club and Simbithi Commercial Zone Management Association.
  • Rules can be viewed on request: compliance@simbithi.com.
  • Only those with authorised access will be permitted onto the Estate.
  • Visitors and service providers must stop at the gate and will be required to present a gate access pin, driver’s license and motor vehicle license for scanning prior to entry and exit.
  • Proceed only when the boom gate is opened for your vehicle.
  • Only one vehicle is allowed per gate cycle. Do not tailgate or tamper with gates and barriers.
  • Vehicles with trailers and boats may not proceed without security’s assistance.
  • Simbithi Eco-Estate road traffic rules apply. Drive safely and adhere to 40km/h speed limit.
  • Visitors and service providers are liable for any damage to any property they may cause.
  • Introduction or removal of, or damage to, any flora or fauna is prohibited.
  • Loud music, noise disturbance, unnecessary sounding of any vehicle horns and unruly behavior are prohibited.
  • Only registered, authorised pets are allowed on the Estate.
  • Feeding of, and interfering with, wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  • Discharge or brandishing of any firearms is prohibited.

Failure to adhere to any of the aforesaid conditions will lead to the imposition of penalties against transgressors.