The first thing you would notice are the pops of emerald green at the entrance, which were used to accentuate our pot plants and the bar at the back of the restaurant. This offsets the brooding grey colour on the restaurant walls.

Take a few steps forward and look at your left, our little golden monkey winks at you from our new grey and gold counter, complimented by custom wallpaper. Would you like to be seated, sir, ma’am? Of course, and please do note our newly sanded tables and chairs. The lightened wood lifts the restaurant’s countenance, considerably.

Look around, would you?

The vases and beautiful arrangements on our entrance harvest table. The jewel-toned couch just in front of the first booth and the bricked columns give the Fig Tree an upmarket, cosmopolitan air.

Oh, and please look up.

Smart black pendants give the new look an edge, while lush greenery artfully suspended from the rafters sing an ode to the ‘eco’ in our name. And, if you look around, you would notice swathes of light streaming into the restaurant and a feel of the outside creeping in, with panoramic views of our golf course. If you feel like eating outside, our new seating pods provide an al fresco dining experience that is second to none.

Thank you to the dazzling Suzi Hellens for her stylish touch, and to all of our kind residents and members for the kind words on the Fig Tree’s new look.