Fresh. Zesty. Airy. We could go on, but perhaps the simplest, most impactful word to describe the newest space at the Country Club is…wow. The Gallery, as it has been aptly rechristened, got far more than a new coat of paint and is now an exquisitely versatile location for a plethora of purposes. We peel back the layers of this facelift with design.

In previous years, the Gallery, located adjacent to the Drop Zone Bar on the ground floor of the Country Club, was a somewhat broody venue: dark, with a delicious element of mystery. A few months ago, we announced the space was due to undergo a revamp and, with the glass doors officially open, we are utterly delighted with the final product.

Interior designer extraordinaire Suzi Hellens was the creative force behind the new look. Suzi, whose vibrant work may already be seen at our Dragonfly Conference Venue and the Fig Tree Restaurant, relished the opportunity for another blank canvas at the Club. “The space was a work in progress for a while,” Suzi tells us. “Briefly, we wanted to create a more high-end, luxe space where people could host a wider range of events, be it a birthday party, or a wine tasting. Also, with the proximity to the golf course and the Drop Zone, we wanted to open the doors up to create an extended space for food service.”

The first thing that catches one’s eye in the new Gallery is the relocation of the wooden staircase. It is now on the left of the room, leading up to the wine cellar, wherein we hope to establish a wine library in due course. This opens the room up considerably, as does the eye-catching couture wallpaper. “Yes, it is gorgeous,” Suzi agrees of the striking design. “New light fixtures and a few tasteful pieces add that final touch of class and elegance.”

Another interesting facet of the design is the upcycling of existing furniture to match the new aesthetic. This is aligned with our vision of sustainability, and our ‘eco’ ethos. “The tables, previously a dark wood, have been sanded to match the lighter look we see in the Fig Tree. And we’ve recovered the chairs in a sprightly forest green and moved away from leather to create a more contemporary look,” Suzi shares. “The old sideboard looks brand new, after a coat of green paint, which is simply beautiful. Overall, the tropical, beachy vibe blends in well with the Fig Tree’s new look and the Drop Zone’s appearance, so we have a coherent, upmarket flow throughout the Club.”

The room’s acoustics have been improved to reduce echo and the ceiling replaced, providing a lighter, loftier feel. A wall-mounted television makes the room multi-purpose, suitable for a range of bespoke events.

A portion of the Gallery wall has been left blank, which Club General Manager Craig Nell hopes to soon fill with artwork. “The idea is to find up and coming artists who are not necessarily mainstream, and who are seeking alternate spaces to exhibit their work. We would love to find them and partner with them and be able to sell their pieces from the Gallery. This would be a community upliftment project, which I’m excited to get off the ground, as it ties into our strategic initiative of integration with our surrounding communities.”

We are sure you cannot wait to see this incredible space (and we won’t blame you for rushing straight over for a peek!). Get in touch with our Events Manager, Marlene Govender on to book your event.