Safety and Visibility

It’s a crisp morning in Simbithi when a small group of SEEHOA staff members makes their way out of the administration building, down to the Main Gate. The clock has just struck seven, and the gate is humming with activity. Security officers are waving at residents as they leave the Estate, and a steady stream of resident staff – domestic workers, gardeners, nannies, and general workers – are cheerfully walking in through the pedestrian gate.


It is still rather dull, the sun has not peeked out from behind the clouds, yet. Motorists have their fog lights and headlights on, and those cycling in and out are also twinkling with safety lights.


Human Resources Manager, Justine Mia and Security Manager, Dysan Parasaraman lead the charge to the shuttle shelter, where a group of men and women are greeting each other, wishing good days aplenty. “You aren’t in trouble,” Justine jokes, as the ladies in the group peep nervously at a smiling Dysan, quickly followed by our General Manager, Marc Mc Clure. “We’d like to give you something,” Justine explains.


Earlier this year, in May, Justine reached out to Jonsson Workwear to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership around the brand’s VIZI Belt initiative. Pursuant to the sobering statistic of 47 deaths on South African roads, per hour, Jonsson Workwear committed to giving away “three million high visibility belts over the next three years, for free”. Companies, organisations and individuals were invited to become VIZI Belt champions, with the aim of “protecting the lives of South African pedestrians who commute to and from work”.

When Justine contacted Jonsson Workwear, she mentioned our Simbithi community. “We have around 1800 individuals who access our Estate, daily, most of whom are from the North Coast and arrive on foot. Partnering with Jonsson Workwear tied into our strategic initiatives of integration, and economic, social and governance, and speaks to who we are as an Estate.”

The VIZI Belts are made from a high quality, 50mm wide neon orange tape that “ensures the wearer is visible during the day, and a reflective silver strip for low light conditions”.

Handing the VIZI Belts over, Justine explained their benefits. “If you strap this around you when you walk to, and from, our gates – and even inside the Estate during lowlight conditions – then you can be sure that you’ll be seen by motorists and other pedestrians. As Simbithi, we’d like to keep you as safe as possible.”

Thank you to Jonsson Workwear for the outstanding initiative!