So, lockdown has come and gone. You may have tried your best to keep fit while gyms were a no-go, and now you find yourself a little less fit than you would like. If you are struggling to find your fit feet and are not quite sure how to get back on track…we’ve enlisted the help of Tyler Williams, one of our personal trainers, to get you going. Over to you, Tyler!

How To Get Back Into Training Post – Lockdown

Start small. If you haven’t been exercising during lockdown, don’t resume your usual training schedule. Start exercising twice a week and slowly build up to your normal training days.
Get back to basics. Start with simple exercises and teach yourself how to activate the right muscles, then advance your exercises.
Don’t be a hero! You’re not going to be able to lift the same weights or run the same distance: lower the intensity and slowly build up. Start with body weight exercises, band work and light weights. Focus on your form and muscle activation.
Cautious about going back to gym? Body weight exercises are great! There are hundreds of body weight exercises and ways to train at home using your stairs, chairs and a wall. Incorporate some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to get your heart rate up. I do lots of body weight only sessions with clients and we get creative!

How To Beat The Mental Block

Don’t be discouraged! We’re all in the boat. Set small goals and work towards improving your overall health and fitness.
All is not lost; you’ve just had a minor setback. Think about the difference you can make going forward. Our bodies are incredible and muscle memory is a real thing! You will be surprised at how quickly you’ll get back into it.
If you’re one of those people who overate and under-trained…news flash, it actually works in your favour now! You now have to make small changes to see huge results by simply returning to your previous eating and training habits. It will shock your system and kick your body back into gear.

Nutrition Tips:

No crazy crash diets! They are harsh on your body, drive you insane and are very unsustainable. There’s no need for extreme diets: focus on decreasing your calories slightly and add in some exercise. Weight loss might be slow but you’ll be able to keep it off and stay sane without excessive food restrictions and over training.
Eat enough protein. Consume at least 2g of protein per kg of body weight i.e. a 60kg person should consume 120g of protein a day.
Carbs are not the enemy! Healthy carbs like rice, potatoes and veggies are great, especially in the evening. Carbs increase your serotonin, allowing for better sleep. “Carbs turn to fat at night” is a myth! Excess calories turn to fat.
Restrictive diets are unsustainable. Try keep it healthy during the week but the odd burger or ice cream is not going to throw you off!
Be careful of “healthy snacks”. They might be healthy but often contain a high number of calories. Nuts may be healthy but that doesn’t mean you can have as much as you want.

How To Avoid Snacking

Don’t space out meals too far apart; it’s more tempting to snack when you’re getting hungry.
Eat foods high in fibre and protein; they keep you full for longer.
Drink lots of water between meals.


Get enough sleep! Even if that means supplementing with things like magnesium or inositol. Lack of sleep hinders fat loss and causes cravings…you’re hungrier, and you don’t train as hard.
Stretch after exercising. Especially when getting back into it, your muscles need some TLC.

Tyler is a qualified personal trainer, who is available at the Simbithi Gymnasium, for personal home consultations and for outdoor sessions on the Guinea Fowl Sports Field. To get in touch with her, email

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