As announced in our last Webinar, we’re excited to take our popular Quiz Night online. We will be hosting our first Quiz tomorrow night, in two sessions: Quiz starts at 7pm! Up for grabs: the winner of each session wins a R500 voucher to use at Simbithi Country Club when we finally get to reopen.

If you would like to join a session, here’s how:

1.Players must join through a PC/Mac/Laptop with an internet browser: Google Chrome works best. A mobile device is not recommended.
2.Open your browser, and enter: You may open 15 minutes before the start time. You will see that it is “off-air” and you should hear music playing.
3.Once you open the page, click the “PLAY” button on the left side of the screen (above the follow and share buttons). Check your computer’s speaker level to ensure you are able to hear properly. NB: audio will not play automatically. You need to click “play”.
4.In the “chat” box on the page (middle to bottom of screen) you will see a link with the answer form for the session. Click on the link, and it should open (if it does not, copy and paste the link into a new browsing window. You must, however, leave the main screen open so you hear the audio).
5.Once the Google Form answer sheet is open, it should read “Simbithi Quiz Night Session 1”. Use this time to fill out your e-mail address and team name in the relevant spaces. (NB: e-mail addresses are not stored; they are deleted once results have been formulated).
6.Once the session starts, the host will issue further instructions.

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