Following several concerns raised regarding a “toxic smell” across the North Coast in recent weeks, SEEHOA engaged the services of an Environmental Company to test the air quality in the Simbithi area.

On 4 June, 2020, the company will set up three testing stations in the Estate, mainly on the boundaries, and will test for:

Sulphur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide
Hydrogen Sulphide
Volatile Organic Compounds, e.g. petroleum-based chemicals, rubber and plastic

We initially set the testing stations up for 14 days, however have extended this for another week. The tests will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. We will then receive a report on whether the air in the Estate is compliant with the Air Quality Act. We will keep you updated, in this regard.

During our Weekly Webinar on 18 June, 2020, Environmental Director Derrick Lilienfeld mentioned ways in which residents may directly report suspected air pollution. You may download the applicable documents, here. Also, it is recommended residents join the North Coast Air Pollution page on Facebook.

Finally, if you have any complaints regarding cane burning, you may contact: Peter Harris 0722649592 or Keval Bodasing 0837755538

If you have any queries, please e-mail

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