“A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” OR “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes or interests in common.”

Contrary to the traditional school of thought, a ‘community’ does not only mean a group of people who inhabit the same town, or suburb. It could mean a school. A management structure. An entire gated estate. Understanding your community, and learning to pull out the gold that exists within it, is key to allowing it to flourish. SEEHOA and SCC’s senior management teams were privileged to attend the Partners for Possibility Community Building Workshop, facilitated by Justin Foxton at the beginning of May. The two-day workshop focused on several strategic discussion points, particularly concentrating on moving from a challenge to a possibility, rather than straight to a solution. This encouraged attendees – principals and business partners of PfP Leadership Circle 2 – to change the way they look at tough situations.

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