Principal of North Coast Agricultural College, Sunjay Bodasing, recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Mr. Bodasing is a valued partner of our Estate, having completed the second circle of the Partners for Possibility programme with our Finance Manager, Marc McClure. When he summited, he proudly displayed our Simbithi flag.

Upon his return, Mr. Bodasing wrote this exquisite poem to Simbithi:


I greet you with humility and love, my Respected Partners in Education.


Having successfully summited Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro

At an altitude of 5895 amsl,

On 27 September 2019

At 08:40

I return, with utmost respect and gratitude,

The insignia of Simbithi Eco-Estate

Mounted on ‘the’ flag.


‘The Flag’,

I am proud to say,

Greeted the mountain with pride and confidence,

Weathered the storms of

The arduous 7 day ascent

On its journey

From Macheme Camp

To Shire Cave

Past the abominable Lava Tower

Through Barranco Wall

To Karanga Camp

Arriving at

The infamous Barafu Base Camp.


Having endured the slopes

Of lush rainforests,

Through the lava-strewn rocky moorlands

To the upper dry reaches of alpine dessert

And surviving glaciers,

Braving temperatures

From a chilly 5

To a summit night

Of sleet and snowfall

At -18 degress

Defying the odds of fatigue,

Loose gravel and unstable scree


And the endless trail of hikers’ lights

Leading up, up, up

To the star-studded sky of the Milky Way

Soon to be greeted

By the awakening dawn,

The most fascinating sunrise

On Earth

Embracing its curvature

With a brilliant halo of divine light

To set our team of 9

At Stella Point

Only 700m away

From the Roof of Africa.


It (the flag) had to be like its human accompaniment,

With hearts pounding,

And the altitude

Sucking out the last kilojoules of energy,

Yearning to reach

The ultimate destination –

Zenith of Africa.


Uhuru welcomed it

With perfect calm

Displaying its valour

With immense respect

And a gesture of modesty

A gentle whisper of prayer

Under the weary breath

Of its bearer.


It deserves no less credit

For the value it embraces

And the contribution it makes


To our beloved communities.


A mountain conquered


By a Mountain.


Hail ‘Simbithi Eco-Estate.’

A greater honour could not have been bestowed on me. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless Simbithi Eco-Estate.

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