It would seem 2022 is shaping up to be an exhilarating year for our Country Club, with our long-awaited deck revamp officially underway from March, and the unfolding of our master plan. 

Club General Manager, Craig Nell unpacked a the overarching aspects of both items during our bi-weekly webinar on Thursday, 3 February 2022. 


We plan to say farewell to our old deck at our “Wreck the Deck” Party on 26 February 2022: an afternoon of live music, great food and the unmistakable Simbithi gees. 

Looking ahead, the new deck will propel the Club into a trendy, modern era. Prepared by Charles Taylor Architects, who were responsible for the Club’s original design, renderings show a clean, streamlined deck that fits in excellently with the open-air atmosphere Simbithi is known for. 

“The roof structure depicted in the drawings is not part of the final design,” Craig clarifies. “The new deck will be covered by a  larger, platinum-coloured structure similar to the tent we have, now. Over the last three years, this has proven to be versatile and economical.” A more permanent roof structure will form part of future plans. 

The project includes the installation of improved audio equipment, perfect for our golf prize givings and live music events, additional television screens for sporting events and upgraded permanent seating. 

The new lower deck will incorporate a wheelchair ramp and will take patrons to intimate bench seating with unparalleled views of our exquisite 18th. “This area will be perfect for sundowners, an evening meal or even cheering on our golfers during championships.”   

Following engagement with residents and members, the Club will pursue a flat deck structure. “This is conducive to service excellence and will allow us to section off areas large, and small, events using planter boxes.” 

The two fig trees on the deck will make way for new indigenous trees, in partnership with our environmental committee. “We are extremely excited about our new look and the increased deck capacity.” 

We will ensure residents, members and patrons are kept abreast of construction schedules as we progress. 


At this stage, there are several options for our master plan, none of which has preference, says Craig. “There are a few which make more sense, from a size and cost perspective, but not cast in stone.”

The Club EXCO and management’s goal is to ensure maximum use of the land available, while maintaining a cost-effective outlook. 

Additional offerings being considered include: 

  • Additional tennis courts
  • Training lap pool
  • Tennis practice wall
  • Squash courts
  • Multi-purpose Astro Turf to offer variety of ball sports

To view the proposed master plan/s, click here

If you have any questions on the deck revamp or master plan, please chat to Craig on