As part of our ongoing commitment to improve and support our community, Simbithi Eco-Estate recently partnered with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport to install traffic calming measures on Shakas Rock Main Road (P339).

The construction of three speedhumps, between Simbithi’s South and North Gates, was completed recently. The project, shares General Manager Malcolm Samuel, was approximately 15 years in the making.

“Shakas Rock Main Road connects the northern and southern halves of Simbithi and is generally a busy road, as many use it to access Salt Rock or to get to the freeway from lower Salt Rock. As Simbithi’s population grew and the areas around our Estate started to develop, traffic on the road increased,” he says. “This posed a significant safety risk. Our HOA identified the need for traffic calming measures, particularly between two of our busiest gates.”

Over the years, SEEHOA held several engagements with the provincial DOT until, last year, we were given the green light to install speed humps. The project was undertaken at SEEHOA’s cost and managed by our Technical Manager, Nicky Misra.

“Already, we have received several compliments from our residents and the community at large, expressing appreciation,” said Mr. Samuel. He thanked the community for their patience during the construction phase. “As Simbithi, we continue to affirm our commitment to ‘take down fences’ and work with those beyond our boundaries for the betterment and improvement of the community as a whole.”