As an eco-estate, we place high value on our trees. 

During the last five years, Simbithi has been active in the management and control of the polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB) or euwallacea fornicatus.

As we head into Winter, some trees might shed their leaves to help the tree retain water and save energy, which may often be mistaken for PSHB infestation. 

The common symptoms of the tree infestation may vary according to the species of the tree, and may include:

  • Perfectly round, tiny entry holes. Similar in size to the point of a ball point pen.
  • Wet staining and discolouration on the bark around and below the holes
  • Leaf discolouration and wilting
  • Dieback of branches, Canopy loss
  • Gumming or resin-like exudates on the bark around and below the holes
  • Frass – sawdust-like refuse and excrement of the borer below the holes or on the ground below the host tree
  • Frass noodles – short cylindrical extrusions of frass protruding from the holes
  • Sugaring – white granular exudate around the holes

If you are unsure of the health of your tree, or you suspect possible PSHB infestation, please contact our environmental department on or 

Please also check the FABI website for more information, and peruse our PSHB protocol for more insight into our management of the borer.