As part of our initiatives as an Eco-estate, we are spreading Christmas cheer to you, our community. Two special trees are available for purchase over the festive season, and the proceeds of each purchase will be donated to our hardworking team from Servest Landscaping: these men and women give of their best to ensure our Estate is kept pristine all year ’round.

Here is a little more about each tree:

Warburgia salutaris
The Warburgia salutaris status is endangered, so is specially protected. The genus Warburgia is represented by several medicinal trees found exclusively on the African continent. Traditionally, extracts and products produced from Warburgia species are regarded as important natural African antibiotics and have been used extensively as part of traditional healing practices for the treatment of fungal, bacterial and protozoal infections in both humans and animals.

This is a tree every proud gardener should have!

Portulacaria afra
Portulacaria afra or Spekboom is a popular succulent garden plant, and is often used for bonsai. It has now been shown to be effective in carbon sequestration (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change), in semi-arid landscapes and thicket vegetation it is also being used for restoration purposes. Every garden should have at least one of these plants.

The Warburgia salutaris is available for R50, while the Portulacaria afra is available for R30. The trees can be collected, and paid for, at the Welcome Centre.

For more information, please contact Landscaping Supervisor Michael Riley on

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