Movement of People, and Household Effects

The Government has declared that persons may now move house under Level 4 under the following categories; –

Where a new lease agreement was entered into during or after the Lockdown period; or
The transfer of immovable property occurred before the lockdown and require a change in place of residence, including the transportation of goods to a new place of residence.
The following conditions apply, as per the Gazette:

The person who is moving must:

Have a permit to travel, issued by the Station Commander of a police station, or someone designated by him/her
Have a Form 1 permit (this form is found at the end of the Gazette, which is attached hereto).
Indicate the persons who are part of the household moving, and
Have the relevant lease agreement in his/her possession
If you would like to move into, or out of Simbithi Eco-Estate during this period, please contact Sli Ngcobo at or

Persons moving in or out of the Estate are required to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times. Further that proper personal protective equipment is adorned by both residents and employees of moving companies at all times within the Estate.

Persons entering the Estate may undergo a screening process.

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