Malcolm Samuel – SEE General Manager

I miss seeing everyone’s smiley faces.

Felix Pillay – Fidelity Site Manager

The office is really quiet without everyone who is usually around. I miss all the staff.

Sharon Birnie – Sports Administrator

I miss the laughter of people, the feeling of family and the beautiful scenery we’re blessed to work in. I miss work!

Yvette Farinha – Personal Assistant to Malcolm Samuel & Board of Directors

My Friday afternoon chats with my girls in the office!

Marc Mc Clure – Finance Manager

I miss everything, and every body. All of it together is what makes it great.

Craig Nell – SCC General Manager

I miss my amazing, can-do-anything staff!

Nicky Misra – Technical Manager

Definitely miss seeing everyone’s face and our precious wildlife.

Sandika Gounden – Legal & Compliance Officer

Staff lunch! And, lunching with staff…especially when it’s wors!!!

Gary McKenzie – Environmental, Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Arriving early…enjoying the quiet, and listening to the morning call of the francolin.

Justine Mia – HR Manager

My daily, unscheduled face-to-face staff walk-ins who have catastrophic issues.

Jodi Chetty – Marketing & Communications Co-Ordinator

My five-times-a-day wave from Gcuma at Main Gate: HELLO MRS CHETTTEEEEEEE! And…I miss Mama Rosie’s tea in the office – lockdown has taught me I’m good at many things. Making my own tea isn’t one of them.

Lynn Johnson – SCC Creditors’ Clerk

The adrenaline of month-end, but most importantly the wonderful team at SCC. The laughs, the teasing, and even the disagreements. Makes me very appreciative and blessed.

Warren Abery – Sports Manager

Definitely miss the beautiful clubhouse, and our friendly staff. Not to forget…our stunning and challenging Matkovich Golf Course!

Riaan Botha – Health & Safety Officer

I miss “normality”…and the biscuits from our meetings!

Shaun Govender – Technical Assistant

The warm, good morning greeting I get from Mama Rose each morning, and driving through the Estate and admiring all the natural greenery.

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