As we tee-off 2021, Sports Manager Warren Abery and Pro Shop Manager Ryan Schierhout go back to basics: the importance of preparation before you hit the course. Ready, let’s go!

With decades of experience between them, Warren and Ryan stress the relevance of a good warm up. “Golf is a well thought-out, deliberative sport,” Warren says. “You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally if you’re going to have a good game. It’s the worst feeling rushing onto the course and then messing up your first shot, spoiling your day.”

Ryan, who recently certified AAA professional, agrees. “You don’t have to be a professional athlete, but you do have to condition your body correctly to get the best performance. Golf is all about strategy, which starts well before you get onto the first tee.”

Recalling his days as a touring pro, Warren shared three important tips every golfer should incorporate into his, or her, routine:

Be on Time. “This shows respect for your Club, the field and whomever you are golfing with that day. If you are late, you could hold up your mates or slow down the field. Being on time gives you enough time to check in calmly, get changed if you need to and get to the course with enough time to breathe before you start your game.”

Warm Up. “Try not to run straight onto the course. Stop by the nets just below the Drop Zone and hit a few balls to get your body warm. Also, grab your putter and do a few practice putts. You’re more than welcome to do this on the astro in the Pro Shop.”

Dress Properly. “Wear proper golf shoes – sneakers are going to leave you with sore, achy feet at the end of the day. Dress neatly. If it’s a warm day, don’t wear too many layers of clothing; you’ll feel hot and irritable. Make sure your clothing is comfortable and breathable.”

Ryan, who holds a Bachelor of Sports Sciences, shared a few quick and easy stretches you could try before you tee off, using your cart!

(Thanks to Pro Shop Assistant, Matthew Schiut for demonstrating)

#1: Neck

Place your palm on the side of your face and gently pull your neck toward the opposite shoulder. You may hold onto the cart to keep your posture. Repeat with the other side.

#2: Shoulders

Lift your arm straight, overhead, in line with your shoulder. Bend, and grip your elbow with your other hand. Gently stretch your palm down between your shoulder blades. Repeat with the other side.

#3: Chest

Take hold of the golf cart frame and place your arm across your chest, palm flat. Gently stretch your shoulder forward. Repeat with the other side.

#4: Quads

Hold onto the roof of the cart and get your balance. Lift one foot off the ground and grab it. Repeat with the other side.

#5: Calves/Hamstrings

Stand behind the cart and carefully place your foot onto the back. Lean forward and touch your toes (or go as far your body allows). Repeat with the other side.

#6: Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

Hold firmly onto the back rail of the cart and lower yourself into a lunge position. Back straight, one leg extended behind you. Repeat with the other side.

#7: Glutes/Quads/Hamstrings/Calves/Abs

Move to the front of the cart, near the footrest. Cross your arms over your chest and squat gently, allowing your buttocks to touch the floor of the cart…if you’re able to!

Now, you should be ready to have a brilliant game. If you need a little extra assistance, though, or some help brushing up on the basics; pop up to the Pro Shop for a chat with Warren or Ryan about some coaching lessons. We also have a facility to fit your clubs before you head out onto the course; grab a shirt or two while you’re at it!

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