In terms of the Simbithi Country Club Constitution and the Golf Section Charter, please click here for the following:-

1. Notice and Agenda for the Golf Section Annual General Meeting taking place on the 5 th November, 2020 at 18:00 in the Pavilion Room at the Club.

Note this will be a live Meeting but subject to full Level One Covid-19 Protocols.

2. Minutes of the Meeting from the Golf Section Annual General Meeting held on the 4 th September, 2019.

3. Golf Committee’s Report for 2020.

4. Golf Section Charter.

5. List of Nominees, as per Clause 5.1.7


Please note that the voting procedure for the 2020/22 Golf Section Committee will be in terms Clause 5.1 of the Golf Charter.

As such, there are a minimum of six and a maximum of nine seats available on the Committee, consisting of:

Men’s Captain

Ladies’ Captain

Plus four to seven Committee Members

To be elected each person must obtain more than 50% of the votes exercised.

Note also that no Proxy votes are allowed.

All Members will vote for a Men’s Captain

All Members will vote for a Lady’s Captain

All Members will vote for the remaining seats, up to a maximin of 7, but subject to the Conditions of the Charter.

By Order of the Golf-Section Chairman

Peter Taylor

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