Joy is truly a beautiful emotion. More so, when it shines purely from the eyes of a child. 

There were several joyful little faces at RA Padayachee Primary School on Wednesday, 21 October 2021 when our Estate handed over a second prefabricated classroom to the school. 

The first classroom was donated in partnership with the Simbithi golf committee earlier this year, and is now being used by the Grade R class: the walls filled with bright, cheerful posters and lined with books. 

Our General Manager, Malcolm Samuel was joined by HR and CSI Director, Mr. Bright Nkosi, HR Manager Justine Mia, Technical Manager Nicky Misra and Marketing and Communications Co-Ordinator Jodi Chetty at the handover. Also joining the delegation was Terry Dearling, a Simbithi resident who pioneered our Estate’s relationship with RAP through the Partners for Possibility programme. RAP was, in fact, the first school Simbithi partnered with five years ago. 

Principal, Aleen Maharaj paid tribute to Simbithi. “If not for Terry, I would not have met Malcolm and formed a partnership with Simbithi. What you see today is the fruit of a relationship that started years ago. Thank you, Simbithi, for all you continue to do for us.” 

Malcolm thanked his team, particularly Nicky Misra, who arranged additional paving outside the classrooms. He also pledged Simbithi’s ongoing support to RAP. “At Simbithi, we believe in taking down fences. This school is just down the road from our home and we will keep doing what we can to support and uplift this space, for the benefit of the learners and surrounding community.”