Please note that our Annual General Meetings will be held as follows: 

Simbithi Country Club (SCC): Thursday, 11 August 2022 at 17:30
Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association (SEEHOA): Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 17:30

The Simbithi Country Club Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 11 August 2022, will be held in-person. The Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners’ Association Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 25 August 2022 at 17:30, will be hybrid, subject to technological functionality. The official AGM notices, accompanied by the meetings’ respective agendas, will be disseminated once finalised and in terms of the Memorandum of Incorporation. 

Please be informed that the election of Directors of SEEHOA will be addressed at the SEEHOA AGM, noting clause 7.1.1 of the SCC Constitution, an extract of which reads as follows:
“The EXCO shall …consist of the same persons who have been elected as directors from time to time of SEEHOA.’’ 

Nominations for the 2022/23 Board of Directors are now officially open and we hereby invite all interested parties to nominate themselves and/or a suitably skilled, willing, and able candidate, in advance. 

At present, each Director is responsible for a portfolio and sits on the applicable Committee. The current portfolios are allocated as follows: 

  • Finance Committee: Mr. Andrew Mackenzie 
  • Security Committee: Mr. Clive McCreadie (HOA Vice Chairman)
  • Legal and Appeals Committee: Mr. Jeff Leaver (Chairman)
  • Design Review Committee: Ms. Tracy Levinson
  • Technical/Maintenance Committee: Mr. Gavin Dunlop
  • HR and CSI Committee: Mr. Bright Nkosi
  • Marketing & Communications Committee: Mr. Justin Clarke 
  • Environmental Committee: Mr. Derrick Lilienfeld 
  • Country Club: Mr. Frank Bradford (SCC Vice Chairman)

The following Directors whose term of office concludes at this year’s SEEHOA AGM are:

  • Mr. Justin Clarke – Marketing & Communications 
  • Mr. Gavin Dunlop – Technical/Maintenance
  • Mr. Clive Mc Creadie – Security 

Mr. Clarke has indicated he will not stand for directorship at this year’s AGM, and we thank him for four years of exemplary service on the Board of Directors. Messrs. Dunlop and Mc Creadie have confirmed they will stand for re-election to the Board.  

For the SEEHOA and the SCC to remain vibrant and well-directed, we require Directors with an interest, or expertise, in the aforementioned portfolios. 

Homeowners are hereby invited to either stand, and/or nominate homeowners to stand for election to the Board of Directors. Should you wish to stand for election, please forward a one-page CV to pa@simbithi.com. Please ensure your CV includes the following details: 

  • Your full name and residential address on the Estate
  • Summary of your work experience  
  • Your desired portfolio, and how you envisage adding value in that sphere. 

In keeping with good governance, should you wish to stand or, if you are nominated to stand, please declare the following:

  1. Any potential conflict of interest that may arise if you were to be elected as a Director of the Association or SCC.
  2. That you have not been prohibited by a court to be a Director;
  3. That you are not insolvent;
  4. That you have not been removed from an office of trust for misconduct involving dishonesty;
  5. That you have not been convicted in South Africa, or elsewhere, and imprisoned without the option of a fine, or fined more than the prescribed amount for theft, fraud, forgery, perjury, or an offence involving fraud, misrepresentation, or dishonesty, or in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a company, or an offence under the Acts.

In order to have sufficient time to hold interaction session/s with nominees, nominations are requested to be submitted by Monday, 25 July 2022 at 16:30. Please note that your CV will be included in the AGM pack for circulation to all residents.