Every year, just before Santa Claus buttons up his suit to make his trip around the world he sends a very important little person to Simbithi. Elfie’s job is to ensure the Estate is in tip-top condition, ready to welcome Mr. Claus, so he spends December traipsing around with our team. Here’s a peek at Elfie’s personal photo album from his latest stint at Simbithi!

  1. First, I stopped by the Welcome Centre to reactivate my biometrics with Zanele and Sli. Zanele also screened him…even though I had been in quarantine for just about a year, safety first!

  2. Well, I was certainly on time for the weekly management meeting, but it would seem I might have gotten the date wrong? I don’t think so, but I was a little upset none of the team pitched up to welcome himme

  3. After finding nobody in the boardroom, I took a walk upstairs to the GM’s office to see if Yvette would give me an appointment with Malcolm. While I waited, he checked on progress of the Main Gate landscaping project (and approved – well done, Ayanda!)

  4. As with most projects, we begin and end in Finance! I said a quick hello to Marc and the finance ladies while they crunched numbers…

  5. …and, then popped into the technical department, where Shantal let me peek at a few building plans. While I was there, I met Gary on his way out to site, so tagged along…

  6. …to Ladlau Drive, where I watched Freedom and his crew remark the road. Phew! Such hard work!

  7.  While I was outside, I strolled around the beautiful gardens at the HOA. There, I was thrilled to spot ‘our’ tree: the Milettia grandis, also known as the ‘Umsimbeet’ tree. This is where our Estate gets its name.

  8. Off we go! I was hungry, and it was time to check things out at the Club, anyway. I could not leave the Main Gate without a huge wave at Gcuma Simlindile, our friendly security guard whose trademark waves are a favourite at Simbithi.

  9.  Aahhhh, the deck! Just as beautiful as I remember, but my heart was a little sore that it was not as full as I had hoped. I chatted to Craig, who explained COVID-19 meant we had to be careful, for a while.

  10. But the Course is open, so may as well get in a good game before heading back to the North Pole. I got up to a bit of mischief while I waited for Matt to get me fitted for a new set of clubs in the Pro Shop. Tee hee.

  11. Why won’t the cake fridge open? I hung on for dear life until Sandile happened to walk by and cut me a slice of rainbow cake. On second thought, I had the caramel cheesecake, too: I only indulge once a year!

  12. Psst! Goodwill let me fool around at the Drop Zone but, much to my disappointment would not pour him a cold one. I’m underage, said Goodwill! Hmph.

  13. Ahh, what a lovely time. So long, Simbithi, and I will see you again next year!

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