The Easter Bunny has just left our Estate after his whirlwind trip to preside over our annual BIG EGG Easter Competition. He gave us special permission to whip out our colourful BIG EGGS, to allow our littlest (and, biggest) residents to hunt. 

Thank you to everyone who hunted the eggs down and got creative, sending us a brilliant array of photographs. 

But, there can only be one winner! 

Congratulations to the 2021 BIG EGG Easter Competition Winners: 


With assistance from their Mom, Riona, Jackson, Carter and Courtney managed to locate the eggs almost every time they moved and had a ball creating interesting photographs of them. Well done, Team Marks.

2ND PLACE: Huxley and Fletcher Braithwaite

The ‘Mad Hatters’ Tea Party was all kinds of adorable, and well thought-out. Well done, boys!

3RD PLACE: Nikki Simons

This entry blew our socks (or hooves?) off. While it took some coaxing to get the horses close to the egg, we’re told, this was outstanding. Well done!

Here’s a look at the entries we received. Enjoy, and Happy Easter. 

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